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Insulation Insulation Insulation inspection

Our inspection and work process

If you notice extreme temperatures inside your home in the winter or summer, call us for an inspection! We’ll evaluate existing structures as well as provide our services for new ones.

•  Inspection

•  Estimate

•  Contract

•  Schedule project start

•  Begin work

•  Final inspection

What to expect from us

First we’ll check the existing insulation from ceiling to walls to crawl spaces, noting what type of insulation you have, the insulation’s thickness, and how well it’s been distributed before we search for leaks in your home's insulation. Then we recommend the best type of fill for your home. Even if your insulation was installed properly, dry rot, water leakage and other issues can cause damage to it.


After we've made a full inspection, we then give you an estimate, and we always stick to our proposals.

What happens during an inspection?

Call for your inspection and a FREE estimate